Crestor side effects muscle pain


06:59 | Author: Brandon Powell

Crestor side effects weight gain

Rosuvastatin (Crestor) - A New But More Dangerous Cholesterol Lowering 'Statin'. and muscle pain and weakness that may be precursors to rhabdomyolysis. The risk of muscle damage leading to rhabdomyolysis during treatment with.

A number of factors went into our decision to list rosuvastatin as a DO NOT USE drug:

There is no medical reason for you to be taking rosuvastatin when there are three safer and more effective statins, in terms of reducing cardiovascular events, on the market.

In summary, rosuvastatin has no proven health benefit as discussed above, it can cause potentially serious kidney toxicity that is not seen with the other statins, it is the only statin that caused rhabdomyolysis, a life-threatening adverse drug reaction, in pre-approval clinical trials, and there are already three statins on the market that are safer than rosuvastatin and have demonstrated a health benefit to patients.

The Health Research Group made a formal presentation before the FDA's Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee on July 9, 2003 strongly opposing the approval of rosuvastatin because of its unique kidney toxicity.

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How long will it take for muscle pain to stop after quitting Crestor? I

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Crestor side effects weight gain
How long will it take for muscle pain to stop after quitting Crestor? I

1 Answer - Posted in: crestor, pain, muscle pain, muscle - Answer: Should I be worried about side effects after developing them on Crestor?.

my hubby is experiencing the same thing but he talks about tingling as opposed to musle pain so i guess he's not at the pain part yet. anyways, i have been reading about mushrooms and other things to reduce cholesterol and u can get off these medications totally. check the internet and u will find that u can buy kits and grow your own. shiitake and oysters are supposed to be the best. inlude lots of ani-oxidants. check the dr. oz webiste for more info.

1 answer • 14 Jul 2011.

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Also had exhaustion and dizziness for a few months and not finding a cause. I found that it effected my ability to breathe and sought out a physical.

2 answers • 14 Jun 2014 More FDA updates.

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I have been taking omeprazole for years and having terrible muscle pains may be from omeprazole. I stopped taking how long before muscle pain will.

... was the cause, but after a month the pain is reduced but still there. Is Benicar known to cause muscle pain?

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9 Apr 2012.

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... feet/ankles-muscle spasms, and tingling/pins&needles/prickly sensations all over my body, especially my arms and legs. It's been 5 weeks.

1 answer • 11 May 2014.

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Crestor User Reviews for High Cholesterol at

12:17 | Author: Nick Jenkins

Crestor side effects weight gain
Crestor User Reviews for High Cholesterol at

Reviews and ratings for crestor when used in the treatment of high cholesterol. Side pains weak legs, muscle stiffness and poking pains in stomach.

Crestor was doing a very good job in bringing my total cholesterol from 247 to 171. However, after a year and a half I could not stretch without pulling a muscle. I am 104 lbs. So the dosage was reduced to 1/2 of a 5mg tablet, which did not work, my number came up to 219. I also have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), recently I got a bad GERD pain in my chest, I had to take an antacid before, during and after I ate. When I quit Crestor the pain and the head confusion went away. I felt great.

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Crestor and Muscle Pain - Cholesterol

02:24 | Author: Emma Coleman

Crestor side effects weight gain
Crestor and Muscle Pain - Cholesterol

While most people tolerate Crestor (rosuvastatin calcium) well, there are potential side effects that can occur. For people taking Crestor, muscle pain is one of.

Crestor. Wilmington, DE: AstraZeneca LP;2013 August.

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Rosuvastatin Medicine

04:55 | Author: Kayla Henderson

Crestor side effects weight gain
Rosuvastatin Medicine

If you develop any unusual aches and pains in your muscles, contact your had muscle problems, or if you have repeated or unexplained muscle aches or pains. Crestor 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg film-coated tablets; Manufacturer's.

Check and improve your health.

Important : if you experience any of the following rare but serious symptoms, stop taking rosuvastatin and contact your doctor for advice straightaway:

Use this app to assess whether you may be depressed and make a tentative diagnosis of the severity of the depression.

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