Can i break 10mg ambien 1n 12?

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Can i break 10mg ambien 1n 12?

Thanks so much for all of your help...I feel much better now (:

The main problem with splitting pills is that you never know for sure how much active ingredient remains in each half. The problem increases when you go to quarters rather than halfs. It's going to be close, but it will never be exact, both because it is impossible to divide pills perfectly in half, even the scored ones, plus the fact that manufacturing does not necessarily put equal amounts of active ingredient perfectly throughout the entire matrix of a pill.

What's the imprint and shape and color? Just as sprinks said as long as it's not the exteneded release it is okay. I also know that all the 10mg generic ambien that I have seen are not scored, even though they do make 5mg generic ambien, and 5mg is the lowest effective dose.

With that being said, I have been splitting pills for decades with no serious consequences other than occasionally one half or fraction is more or less potent than another. But it is close enough for what I need, as they were primarily pain killers or sleep aids. It just isn't as exact as taking an entire pill that has been measured to contain a certain amount of a drug.

The ER version doesnt come in 10mg only 12.5 and 6.25mg. Not that it would hurt to look up what brand generic the pills are.

teva's 10mg- marked 74 93 round and white.

My Dr. prescribed ambien 10mg tablets and said that if i only need 5mg i can just cut them in 1/2...they are not scored, so i would need to get a splitter. I always thought that if a pill was not scored, then it shouldn't be broken. What do you guys think?

I guess I will say it since Im sure others at thinking it. Theres always the possibility that the tablets are not homogeneous and thats why there is no score line to divide the dose. Another possiblity is that the coating on the tablet as in the case of most Ibuprofen is to protect your stomach by letting the pill pass into your intestines before it starts to break down which is why no IBU tablets have score lines. This being said Ive split ambien brand name 10mg tablets and generics, they always seemed fine.

solo- are there standards on the homogeneity of medications?

and the only reason I would say it is okay to cut the 10mg generic ambien's is because my grandmothers doctor RX'd her 10mg ambien, but only so she could get a 6 mo. RX instead of a 3 mo. RX if that makes sense, and he instructed her to cut them in half. Also, while she was in the hospital, they used the 10mg pills cut in half and left the other half by her bed if she needs it... since she does take 5-10mg PRN.

But If you give us the imprints etc. We/I can find out if it is the extended release version... Hope that helps... -reed.

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but solo, I am rather curious on whether or not there are standards on how equally distributed the medication is through out the pill. -reed.

As long as a pill isn't extended release, and the medication that you are taking isn't dose specific enough that a slightly larger or smaller amount than prescribed won't throw your system into a tizzy, all should be just fine. I split ambien round unscored Mylan IR medications all the time and I end up with the half dose I was expecting.

As long as it isn't the controlled release version then yes you can. I have split ambien before and haven't had a problem. Your doctor said it was go for it.

Thanks Solo..I have never taken the controlled release so I had no idea what the strengths were.

for reference she has been RX'd:

aurobindo's 10mg- marked E 79 oblong and white.

I have split my dilaudid 4mgs in half on days where 2mgs would get me by. They aren't scored either but they are just fine splitting them. They do make dilaudid in 2mg strengths, therefore 2mgs can be therapeutic....same thing with the ambien as they do make ambien in 5mg strengths.

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