Is it Safe to Combine Omeprazole and Alcohol? (with pictures)

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Is it Safe to Combine Omeprazole and Alcohol? (with pictures)

There are some concerns about the risk of aggravating acid reflux with alcohol along with spicy or acidic foods, which can make using them together a bad idea. Patients with severe acid reflux may want to temporarily stop drinking to give their stomachs an opportunity to recover when they first start taking the medication. They may also want to consider moderation in their alcohol consumption to protect their stomachs. The omeprazole may not be as effective in patients who drink heavily, as the suppression of stomach acid from the medication might be offset by the increased production triggered by the alcohol.

Patients with acid reflux could have other conditions that make alcohol dangerous. These can include liver damage or conditions treated with medications that react poorly to alcohol. Those with a personal or family history of alcoholism might also want to be careful about taking omeprazole and alcohol together. The drinking might not cause an adverse reaction because of the medication, but the patient could develop alcohol dependency.

I'm taking omeprazole over the counter so I haven't spoken to my doctor about it. It helps a lot with stomach pains from hyper-acidity. It's the only thing that has helped me. I've read that having a drink once a week is okay while on omeprazole. So I've been having a glass of red wine when I go out with my friends on Friday nights. This has been going on for at least six months and I'm planning on continuing because the omeprazole is still working. burcinc Post 3 @feruze-- I agree. The other thing to note is that alcohol can make omeprazole's side effects worse too. It did for me. Omeprazole makes me dizzy from time to time but I've noticed that it's much worse if I have some alcohol. So I've totally stopped taking alcohol while my treatment continues. It's just not necessary. ddljohn Post 2 I think everyone's family doctor would best know whether it's okay to take alcohol while on this medication. I'm taking omeprazole for acidity but I know it's used in other treatments too, like stomach bacterial infections for example. My doctor said that I can have a little bit, but people who are taking it for bacterial infections aren't allowed alcohol at all because their treatment also includes antibiotics. So it really depends on your condition. I'm sure how much you drink is important too. Maybe a few sips wouldn't matter, but having a lot might badly interact with the medicine. That's why I think it's best to check with your personal doctor. bear78 Post 1 Even if it's safe to take omeprazole with alcohol, I never do because I have hyper-acidity and acid reflux. My doctor gave me a list of things I shouldn't have when I was diagnosed with this and it includes alcohol. Like the article said, alcohol makes the stomach produce more acid which is exactly what I want to avoid. It doesn't make sense to drink while taking omeprazole, it's like not taking it at all because it's not going to benefit. If you want to use a proton pump inhibitor, you might as well avoid alcohol too. Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code:

Omeprazole and alcohol can usually be safely combined, although there may be exceptions. The patient could have other health issues that might make alcohol unsafe, such as another drug interaction or an underlying liver condition. Those with concerns about food and drink conflicts with medication can discuss them with a medical professional. It can help to keep a food and drink diary to track symptoms if side effects appear to be related to something the patient is taking.

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Individuals use omeprazole to treat acid reflux disease. It cuts down on stomach acid to make patients feel more comfortable and give ulcers time to heal. The medication can be taken in extended release and regular formats, and it is available in a number of strengths. There are no known drug interactions with alcohol, and it should be safe for patients to have beer, wine, or spirits while taking omeprazole to control acid reflux.

If patients notice that their acid reflux gets much worse when they use alcohol with omeprazole or alone, they may want to consider stopping or cutting back on drinking. They could also consider other triggers that might be contributing. For example, if someone is drinking alcohol because of stress, the stress might be causing the acid reflux. Likewise, patients drinking beer with spicy food might have trouble determining which of the two is causing the problem.

Omeprazole side effects alcohol