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Long term use of Omeprazole

I certainly hope that I can reverse the Dexa scan results though there are no definite promises. I do however feel most strongly that there is NO quick fix to this. I was offered a 6 month injection to build bone density but I refused it, (anything that stays in your system for 6 months sounds scary to reversing that! Also, a very rare fracture of the femur was listed in the small print on the net as a side effect...but it would build up bone density incredibly fast. The two put together spelled instability and brittle bone to me. Now, two years or so later of looking at this drug, the incidence of this fracture is incredibly, frighteningly high).

How long did you have the lump in your throat as I have that feeling now?

So, how've I been ? Today I'm significantly better. The first 2 drug free days were hell. My acid levels rose and rose and kept me awake all night. I read in my herbal remedies and supplements book that acidophilus (again not sure about spelling) the probiotic, is a useful alternative. I take this in tablet form from a reputable health food shop daily anyway for breakfast, so I helped myself to another one. It settled it down a lot, though didn't compley cure it. The next day I bought some indigestion tablets as my book recommended calcium carbonate (chalk essentially) and my pharmacist didn't do a generic compound. By evening I was acid free after just 4 tablets. Today, I've needed none.

Incidentally, this does not stop reflux, it merely stops the burning sensation in the Oesophagus thus making it non painful to the patient. Reflux still occurs but damage is still occurring to the Oesophagus and since the introduction of these ppi's (proton pump inhibitors) there has been an increase in cancer rates, thought to be because the patient is less aware of the reflux and subsequently not avoiding foods that increase the reflux in the first place.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Following a series of events, my medication was changed to Nexium 40mgs (this is of the same group of drugs but stronger) Both work by preventing the secretion of hydrocholric, stomach acid.

Like with anything on the internet though i wouldn't take whats said their as gospel.

I am a long term user of this medicine and wanted to share my experience of this medicine and my condition which was diagnosed some 15 years ago.

Hi Samuel, apologies for the delay.


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I had no issue for 24 hours and then the acid literally flooded by into my stomach and I was in complete agony, even water caused production, I felt that if I didnt take more medication I might die, the pain was excruciating and worse when I tried to lie down and sleep. I had no sleep for several nights.

I saw my way through by drinking gallons of Gaviscon which unfortunay contains parabens, I only looked this up a few months ago stupidly... you will need something like this to keep your sanity, the almonds will help and that was a recent discovery too.

I searched and searched the internet for answers and finally found the blog of a man in Sweden who went through the same as me, it took him ages and then finally he met a Physician who suggested he might have a Lactose intolerance! This was one of those Eureka moments in life for me.

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It took a few weeks to settle my issues with the excess acid, great pain and even greater determination. I totally understand your situation, its absoluy horrendous. I found that it was dictating my life, my moods and the only respite from it was taking another Omeprazole! The determination has to be paramount here.

I am in the Medical profession and I do not deny the place for Modern medication, however like everything in life, look for the simple answer first. Look for the reason rather than immediay for the easiest solution!

Hi... As a child I always felt sick.. especially at night when I lay down in bed... there was no trips to the doctor so I just lived with it... when I got to teenage years it became acid bubbling up and I started to drink gallons of bicarbonate soda mixed in a bottle of water... it helped a little bit !! Then after years of this I got a pain in my chest.. got worried and went to see my GP... He sent me to the hospital for a tube down my throat test... it found that I had tiny little ulcers around the opening of my stomach... also that the valve to my stomach wasn't closing properly.... Reflux !!!! So they put me on Omeprazole... OMG wonder drug !!! I had been taking pantaprazole for a year or so with a little change ! I have been taking Omeprazole for about 5 years now 20mg twice a day... if I forget to take one I know about it with acid, chest pain and feeling sick !! My GP wants me to cut down to one a day and I totally refuse to !!! As far as Im concerned its to save NHS money !!

And how are you doing now with it?

Good luck with your meds and from my experience Omeprazole is the best thing that could have happened to me!

thanks everyone for the information very useful.

I do not eat any animal products, I eat as much organic food as possible, I have found that eating almonds most definiy quashes the acid, which is interesting... I eat masses of fruit (I couldnt eat any before unless I took the dreaded tablets) I drink lemon and water, sometimes apple cider vinegar (first press) and avoid actual sugar. I only eat spelt flour. I cant eat foods with chemicals in them, processed foods or high fat foods.

I felt I should post this because you always get lots of negative reation posted on the internet making people frightened and I wanted to provide a positive side.

So it hasn't done anything harmful to u like nausea, constipation? Etc Just wondering I've been on now for a few months the 20mg ones! Is it actual harmless? I've spoke with the pharmacist and they said it's ok! So u take one a day? If u need more do u take another one?

Pretty early on I found that taking the 20mg every other day worked best for me unless I feel I have a particularly acidic reaction to some food in which case I just take an extra one.

All my life getting heart burn, I would drink milk to neutralise it and after a short time it would worsen and I would need more milk!

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I am 51..i have suffered digestion troubles for quite a few years one way and another..ive had gut candida,ibs,indigestion and other food related aggravations! Anyway, and after taking omeprazole prescribed by my GP for a month or so i felt great and could eat or drink anything,so,i stopped, thinking that all was now well !...within a week it all started again.I struggled on feeling really miserable and getting nowhere even though i was trying to avoid..bread (which im still not happy about eating) lemons,oranges,celery,wine,salmon,any oily fish,onions...loads of other every day things! So,back on omeprazole....problem cured !!!! im so grateful for this 'letters' page,it was on my mind as to whether you could indeed take the 'wonder drug' long term. im happier after reading other peoples experiences..thank you.

I can say hand on heart that I have been lucky enough to experienced absoluy no side effects. However, I know that I would not now be able to give the drug up. After so many years my body is so used to the regular drug that if I was to miss, say, three days I would get an uncomfortable reaction - But I am quite happy to stay on it for the rest of my life and have no worries.

It was so difficult to do this, my GP tried to persuade me to start the meds again even intermittently but I refused. Gaviscon was my only friend! I felt as though I had a huge lump in my throat which threatened to occlude my breathing.

I've found that making sure my \"trigger foods\" are under strict suveillance, my stress levels are reasonable and remembering my meds works wonders.

I believe that bone needs to be built slowly and with the correct nutirents and no other way. So, I await to have another scan.

(ad the 3 w's in front as otherwise i can't post it).

If you have the IBS nasty talk to your doc about being referred to your hospital's nutritionalist as this can only be done by GP referral. Ask to be referred for the FODMAP diet. This has been devised by Guy's and St Thomas' hospital. I found after 1 week my IBS almost disappeared. After 10 weeks I am now slowly reintroducing FODMAPs and finding out which foods really set it off. Their success is 80% of relief of symptoms. It has changed my life for the better. Hi HG84.

Hi - similarly I have been using omeprazole for many years - about 10 maybe. initially i used it for about 1 month until the hiatus hernia symptoms cleared up, but they came back again. My doctor told me to just take it "on demand" - whenever I felt i needed it. Well it works out that I take one capsule per day, usually at bed time and it keeps all symptoms at bay. I dont get the symptoms every day but just about. So I take the omeprazoe every day. I dont see any side effects - my hair is fine, my dick is fine, my teeth are still there... seems ok.

I have read negative feedback but wanted to say that it has compley changed my life. It may be that you also need to increase your dosage so I would speak to your doctor.

It occurred to me finally that I had to stop taking this medication and try to find a way of coping without this medication, this turned out to be a complete nightmare.

To my knowledge, I have had no bad side effects whatsoever, and I cannot get through an entire day without it. I have severe discomfort in my chest and heartburn without it. With it, I eat anything I want. It is the one medication I couldn't do without.

How long did I have the lump feeling in my throat? It was also for a while, possibly a month or so (sorry I dont recall as its a time ago)the 'lump' feeling is I think due to erosion/imflammation of the oesophageal lining, so until youre able to reduce the reflux, it will continue to be irritated.

It has changed my whole life and also I have lost weight that wouldnt shift before, v slowly but with no adverse effects. Its a pain in some ways being so picky about foods but sincerely, you are what you eat.

I am a 34 year old woman that went undiagnosed for 14 years until a holiday to the US. I too was diagnosed with gallstones, had my gall bladder removed and subsequently was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. I was initially presecribed 10mg omeprazole and over the years this has increased to 40mg. I have not suffered any of the side effects listed but I too know that I will be on this drug for the rest of my life.

Within 24 hours I was experiencing tinitus and vertigo big time, so much so that I fell onto my hand and sustained a very nasty fracture...this led to a DEXA scan which showed me to have Osteoporosis in my spine ( a spine of someone 30+ years my senior) and my hip, Osteopenia elsewhere. I was horrified and terrified as Id blindly taken medication and not done any in depth research.

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Recently I have had some excess stress in my life which led to me eating later, I could feel the 'lump' returning and I was horrified... so, I have returned now to eating no later than 6pm and having little to drink until I get up in the morning.

How long did it take for your stomach to settle?

I have been on PPI's for about 12 years now, I am 34 male and have tried to ween myself off of them but its absoluy Horrible. (I feel sorry for my wife and 2 kids because it changes my whole outlook on life and attitude when you feel like this and nobody understands unless they have been through the extreme like I have and sounds like you have to.) I don't drink milk or anything lactose related. I try to eat very healthy along with food combining as well. I prop myself up at night and do not eat less than 3 hours before bedtime. I have even considered the procedure where they tie the upper part of your stomach to the lower part of your esouphagus to play the role of the LES.

I have just stopped taking 20mg omeprazole daily, having been on it for over 3 years. I was previously on ranitadine (can't remember how to spell that). I was prescribed it for acid reflux as a result of anxiety disorder, stress and a mood disorder. So, clearly I was on many other meds too. Having said that, I haven't knowingly experienced and side affects to the omeprazole.

Through diet and 'thoughtful' living, I feel so healthy and havent had one chest infection or even a cold since in over two years which is incredible seeing I was getting chest infections every fortnight, regular antibiotics etc etc.

I am 52 and I have been on Omeprazole 20mg for about 18 years now.

Also, whilst I was taking the Omeprazole, I suffered increasing ill health, my immunity was terrible, I would catch anything going (I lived a healthy outdoor life and ate well, no pre made food)I ended up taking Antibiotics every few weeks and had incessant Chest Infections.

In short, its an horrendous start, the pain with drive you insane esp at night... but if you can be incredibly strong, chew on the almonds and maybe introduce foods one at a time (try the Paleo diet, its amazing..more about foods,recipes rather than calorie counting), you will feel so much better eventually Im sure.

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I am a 71 year old female, and I have been taking Omeprazole for about 15 years, and I also find it to have been a life saver for me.

Hope you get this.

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I decided to research and found that it is said that PPI's (Omeprazole and Nexium being two of them) cause the body not to absorb Magnesium and other nutrients/vitamins thus, over time causing the early onset of Osteoporosis. Of course, we have stomach acid for a reason, if we remove it, then it stands to reason that it cannot do its job and subsequently we will suffer the consequences. There have now been some test cases which have been silenced but successful in Courts.

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And are you gonna be able to reverse the results of your Dexa scan by not taking this medication?

How does omeprazole affect your said my dick is fine.

Since removing this horrible drug from my life, almost 3 years ago, eating healthily, taking purely vitamins, minerals and oils NO medication other than Gaviscon as and when... I have had no chest infections, no colds, no illness and NO Antibiotics. It takes time for the stomach to settle and it was the most painful experience but thank God I have adopted a very healthy life and now life is worth living.

However, I stopped taking it 2 days ago as I had been advised to do so by my gynaechologist as I'm wishing to become pregnant. It has warnings about using this drug in pregnancy. It's a no no.

I was taking Omeprazole (Losec) 20 mgs for around 10 years and it was most effective for acid reflux.

Found this site earlier today which lists some bad signs for long term use.... ****

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I came on this site as I have been taking 20mg Omaprazole ever since I had my gall bladder out 10yrs ago recently I have been suffering with acid reflux so thinking I may have a bigger problem went to the doctors who just told me to double the dose. Having read everyone's comments I'm not as worried as I was but I think I will still get a second opinion to see if there is another problem that the Omaprazole is masking.

As you said, unless you go through it yourself, there is no way of understanding how horrible this is to go through.

I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I have for many years suffered with diahorea stomach bloating and general pain and discomfort in my stomach. I have had several endoscopys and various other tests including an ultrasound and at first they discovered nothing unusual and put it all down to IBS. I had several treatments for Helicopacter Pylori and I am still not sure if it ever cleared up. I recently had an operation to remove my gallbladder and gallstones after the acid reflux was very troublesome. I have now since had another endoscopy which has showed I have a hiateul hernia. I have been on Omeprazole for over four years after having acid reflux type symptoms along with my IBS. I wanted to ask about being on this medicine long-term and the possible other organs in my body that could be damaged. I still have very bad indigestion and stomach aches and wondered if these tablets actually work for me anymore Hi.

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Lactose eliminated from my diet changed my life, I am now very sensitive to it and if there is a small amount consumed, I am somewhat it agony..bloating, pain, acid, nausea, diarrhoea...a total nightmare!

Any other feedback from other people regarding long term use and also its effect on pregnancy would be appreciated.

It really is essential to know what is causing a problem, so often it is a simple answer like nutrition, something you are sensitive to. Milk is not made for humans, its made to feed a calf to 500kgs!!

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Hello, I have been taking omeprazole on / off for good 3 years but lay my chemist told me it's not the best thing to do and that omeprasole can cause even cancer so I got bit scared. I googeled a bit and yes there are few worrying signs of prolonged use of omeprasole. I have no side effects and my body seams to work fine, I take usually one pill every other day during evening time. I am bit confused now so planning to see doctor and ask for advice, are there other better medicines?

I have only been on Omeprazole for about 3 months but I have found it an absolute life saver. I combine it with Domperidone or \"Motilium\" and the combination is bloomin brilliant for my IBS! I tested negative for H.pylori and so the docs and I are pretty sure it's as simple as IBS and no stomach ulcers or ugly cancers etc (I'm only 25!). My IBS got progressively worse from the age of about 18 until I HAD to go to the docs and demand they give me something as I was off work I was that ill.

WARNING I have read this week that omeprazole can, over long term use, cause magnesium deficiency. I was advised to take magnesium, together with copper, as a supplement.. Taking magnesium alone can deplete copper supplies in the body, apparently. It's worth researching magnesium deficiency on the net to see if any of the symptoms sound like you.

I have had a hiatus hernia from birth and though not over weight, I found that as I got older the symptoms became worse as time went by.

I was warned that reflux could return once meds are stopped, but thankfully it was short lived.

I started when it was only available as Losec. It completetly changed my life for the better.

How old are you?

Omeprazole side effects long term use