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Getting Off Omeprazole - The People39s Pharmacy

If it gets really bad, on that day, just take another Prilosec DOSE. So another 1/2 pill or 1/4 pill. And forgive yourself, and stick to plan the next day. For me, there was a lot of shuffling of split pills in my week long container. Do what you have to do, and don’t let one day’s backsliding get you off track.

In a nutshell, here’s my history. For many years I had GERD or acid reflux. Took Prilosec daily for over two years but still had reflux and grit. Also took Tums as need, slept on my left side, had a wedge to elevate my head. I also became very constipated at times. It seemed like stomach motility had stopped, and food would just sit in my belly for hours. This makes sense since stopping stomach acid production would stop digestion.

Here’s the quick version of what I did. Believe me, I followed other people’s advice on this, am grateful to them, and now want to help others with my experience.

Q. Do you have a diet for helping me survive omeprazole detox? Your book Best Choices alerted me to the dangers of the drug and I want to end my addiction. When I forgot to take the drug two days in a row, I experienced heartburn hell. Earlier I tried to take myself off the drug, but I could only stand it for a week. Now I can’t skip one day without wanting to die. A. Stopping powerful acid-suppressing drugs like omeprazole (Prilosec), esomeprazole (Nexium) or lansoprazole (Prevacid) can be tough. In one study, even people who never had heartburn before developed it upon stopping this type of medication ( Gastroenterology, July 2009). A low-carb diet can be helpful. So can remedies like almonds, broccoli, “Digestive Tea,” “Ginger Pickle” and “Persimmon Punch.” We are sending you our new book, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies, for details on all of these.

I had tried taking ACV (apple cider vinegar) remedy during this time, and realized this didn’t make sense. Just get off the Prilosec, not complicate this process. Pamper yourself, let this one goal be the main focus, and not muddy the waters with other cures.

4) I then split the Prilosec into 1/4 dose. This was trickier, but I used the pill splitter first, then a paring knife. I took the 1/4 dose for 4 weeks.

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I take DGL before meals, aloe and peppermint caps on an empty stomach, apple cider vinegar and probiotics in my diet. Since I’ve had a flair up, I will start taking Aloe juice, and want to try that mastic gum. Hopefully I can get this GI problem under control and get on with my life!! Lisa.

The DGL, Papaya and Tums “arsenal” was someone else’s idea. Thanks so much. Have this READY before starting as you will need it.

If this continues, it has now been about 8 months, I may go back to the doctors and try and take the Omeprazole every 3 days with DGL in the middle. I can’t go on like this, even porridge makes me ill. I am at the end of my tether with it.

3) I then filled my pill dispenser for every other day. I took the 1/2 dose every other day.

For every meal I took the chewable DGL before eating and Papaya Enzymes after eating. I did not skip meals or snacks – thanks to someone else’s advice. If you get overly hungry the acid starts filling and you get nauseous. I ate small meals, high in veggies, fruits and carbs. Do not overeat protein and fatty fried foods. Do not stuff yourself. Absoluy, do not eat before going to bed or late in the evening. Avoid red meat and eat small amounts of poultry and fish instead. Heavy protein requires acid to digest, and at this point your digestion and acid production are very messed up.

It has been 10 months now since I had prilosec and I feel fine with just some tums once in awhile for my hiatial hernia and gastritis.

5) After 4 weeks at 1/4 dose, stopped taking all Prilosec.

If you choose to get off of Prilosec PLEASE don’t get discouraged because after your week of hell you will notice things have changed with your body. For instance the first thing I noticed was that it seemed that my stomach went from feeling like a bowling ball to feeling like a soft ball and I lost six pounds within a week. Secondly there were foods that I would eat while on Prilosec such as Italian beef that would give me heartburn anyway, and now I can eat it without any problems. Third when we would go out to eat I would always feel like I was going to throw up, and only eat about half of my food, and just sit there thinking about whether I need to go to the bathroom to throw up or not. This feeling does not allow you to have a pleasurable evening.

Drink plenty of water and other liquids like tea or soup – but not so much as to overfill your belly. Whenever acid or grit starts welling up, sip some water. Carry a water bottle with you, and drink as needed.

Get yourself also some Aloe Vera juice to drink in the moment. You will get rid of this. I found relief by taking digestive enzymes with every meal and giving up grains and legumes.

So stay away from processed carbs and then after 6 months try the niacin thing. that’s what worked for me. of course always consult with your doctor before deciding to come off of any medication.

I’m on Prilosec and have a history of needing something for heartburn, stomach difficulties, for a long, long time. I previously used Pepcid-AC and Rolaids/Tums for control, with varying degrees of full success, but with almost no acid reflux issues. I was in for a colonoscopy, and was asked if I had other digestive problems, I mentioned the long-term use of Pepcid, Pepcid-AC, and antacids, I was also then scheduled for an endoscopy. The resulting information led my doctor to prescribe Prilosec, 20mg once a day. I’ve been on it since mid-February 2014. I’ve quit taking any other drugs to help with heartburn. Within the time that I’ve been on the drug to date, I’ve had three horrible acid reflux events, where I had to sit up for four to five hours, sipping water, gargling with water, eating Tum/Rolaids, coughing, spitting, the whole thing, until I could lay elevated on my back in bed to go back to sleep so I could go to work the next day. I know you’ve all been there. It’s not something I would wish on anyone. And, I already knew that the antacids interfered with calcium absorption as about 8 months ago I fell and broke my leg and wrist, and after a bone-scan, I am diagnosed with osteopenia. I haven’t taken the prescribed drug, and I’d been hoping to help my chances of better calcium absorption by getting off all antacid medication. Didn’t happen. With all this said, I woke up today feeling horrible. I’ve been able eat or drink anything since being on the Prilosec, and needless to say, I ate and drank too much or ate the wrongs things and drank too much or both and was miserable. I am bloated, lethargic, nauseated, and more and just feeling lousy all around. I came to the internet for suggestions on getting off of Prilosec because this horrible sickness never happened before I got on that drug. I’m not saying that I don’t have a lot to improve to help myself, I’m just saying that this drug isn’t helping me in the big scheme of things. I’m going to change my diet, try to cut back on the drug, use some of the suggested supplements, and even do the wheat/grain and dairy products testing to ensure that I’m not reacting to those things too, in order to get my life back again and feel better and hopefully get healthier. I’m going to try my best to do this and I hope in a few weeks or so, I can l you how much better I feel and what I had to do to get there. Good luck my friends with your choices in this regard! I wish you the best success! And I hope to be able to l you of mine soon.

6) Off Prilosec and continuing with the DGL and Papaya, and regime of eating smaller and less protein-based meals.

I never had heartburn in my entire life prior to starting on Omeprazole to troubleshoot a tickle in my throat. Now, trying to go off it is indeed a special kind of hell! Thank you for the tips, everyone!

Jane, using DGL to help with the withdrawal from omeprazole should not be a problem. You might not need to keep using it forever.

GOT OFF PRILOSEC! I wanted to post my success story here. Especially after reading so many of these other posts and getting every little bit of info I could from them. Yes I had success, yes it took 8 weeks, yes it required multiple supplements, and yes there were some bad, nauseous moments.

(BTW – I had also started taking a high-quality vitamin B and high-quality magnesium supplement during the 2nd month. Look up what high-quality B is and high-quality usable magnesium is. Not cheap, but I felt some of my other issues could benefit from these. Not sure if this helped or hindered the Prilosec withdrawal. But one of the side effects of long term Prilosec dependency is B and magnesium deficiencies. ?.) Good luck everyone.

I was on Omeprezole for three years – because of acid reflux. No problems- but heard it was very bad for you to stay on them because your bones start to thin and you leach calcium. I spoke to my doctor and he said no one should be on those things long term I tried to come off with little success – the acid reflux was 100 times worse.

I commented way back in 2012 about my then experience with Omeprazole and Nexium. This was before my Gall Bladder was removed, May 2013 (chronic Cholecystitis) with the gall bladder totally blocked with 21 small finger nail sized stones. As the surgeon had also found a hiatus hernia with signs of reflux during the removal, I was put onto Esomep 40mg tablets to take daily. The healing and recovery from the Gall Bladder removal including a re-section of the duodenum at the same time was pretty draining over the next 6 months.. No improvement to my general health at all after 6 months, still the awful stomach pains, bloating, sleepless nights with leg muscle cramps each time I took a Nexium along many other side effects until June this year. I had by then then Googled “Side Effects from taking PPI`S Long Term” and what I found ( many sources) was symptomatic of what I was suffering, were the effects of long term usage (14 years in my case) of Omeprazol, Nexium, Patoprazol etc.. I discussed my finding with my own doctor and he said “stop taking the Esomeprazol immediay”. I asked him what problems I could expect by stopping them cold turkey and his answer was nil. OK. I stopped taking them but three weeks later had tremendous stomach pains going all round my back, was heaving like I have never had to do in my life before (I am 74). Emergency crew came, gave me a shot of morphine which stopped the pain and the heaving and carted me off to hospital for 5 days. Blood tests, x-rays, CT and MRI scans then a camera down the throat (5th day) showed nothing apart from a little gastritis, no ulcers, no reflux, nada. However I had again been put back onto Pantoprazol this time and three different hospital doctors insisted I take them “for my own good”. Stopping these things suddenly has not been an easy thing, the previous postings here I can only agree with. Stop taking them slowly. Having stopped the acid blockers all I get is a sour feeling rising in the throat sometimes after eating. Take a half teaspoon of baking powder or bicarbonate of soda in water, chew a Tums, or Rennie to deal with this. A soup spoon of ACV along with a spoonful of honey in water is very helpful. Aloe Vera juice is also great as is beetroot and or carrot juice as tummy soothers. Being off the acid blockers has given me a huge boost which I am positive will continue.

I changed from Prilosec to Nexium, on occasion, and I swear, man, that is like a bullet, a heavy military drug I might say as well, but I’m scared from my comfortable health condition and I think to go back to that Prilosec!

This happens because the acid producing cells in the stomach keep multiplying in response to Prilosec stopping acid production. So you end up with massive numbers of suppressed acid producing cells. When you finally stop Prilosec (or other acid reducing medication) ALL the cells start producing more acid than could ever be naturally produced.

I was on Prilosec 20 mg 2x/ day for 4 months due to gastritis from taking NSAIDs. I found while on them I was having digestive side effects. So when my endoscopy came back clear, against my doctors wishes I decided to stop. I weaned myself off by pouring beads out 3/4, 1/2, then a quarter over 4 weeks. Every time I went down I would have mild reflux. When I stopped the pills compley I felt great! Better than I had in four months. So great in fact that I decided to eat spicy food. BIG MISTAKE. I have been slammed with the worst reflux and stomach irritation that has lasted 4 days and counting. I am guessing this was my final rebound that I exacerbated with the spicy food. I’m taking Pepzin, DGL, and probiotics (as well as eating well) in the hopes I can end this maddening pain. Anyone have a similar experience? How long did it last? I’m taking comfort that since most people don’t repost they have succeeded in ridding themselves of this awful medicine.

Hello! I am 44 years old and I have been on Prilosec for close to 10 years. I recently started drinking lemon and honey in warm water every morning to help lose weight. The only problem was that I was introducing more acid into my system which gave me more heartburn, but knowing that the lemon and honey was natural and the Prilosec wasn’t meant that I had a decision to make. So I chose to get off of the Prilosec, and like many of you I went through a week of hell.

I could go on all day about how good I feel since giving up Prilosec, but I’m sure it is different for everyone. This is my advice on how to succeed in getting off of Prilosec. Start with a half of a fresh squeezed lemon in a warm glass of water with 2 or 3 tbsp. of honey every morning. Just a reminder you will feel a little burn after you drink it but it will go away shortly. Stay away from soda, candy, and processed foods, as they seem to cause heartburn. Secondly a healthy diet is important, for example when eating at home only cook with the leanest beef that you can buy, and include fruit and vegetables. Why you ask? Think about grandma and grandpa, did they have heartburn? no, Why? because they didn’t have processed foods back then. It was meat, potatoes, vegetables, and fruit which all contain nutrients to stabilize your body’s ph level. The human body can only use the nutrients that you put in it, most if the nutrients have been cooked or boiled out of processed foods, therefore try to use as much fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat as you can.

There were a few times I simply had to use a Fleet suppository for constipation. With all the small meals, dietary changes, nausea, digestion not working – I needed relief. Again, be forgiving of yourself, and make getting off Prilosec your main focus. Do what you have to do to stick with the plan of reducing, then stopping Prilosec.

2) I split the Prilosec tablets in half. I took the 1/2 pill every morning, first thing, for 2 weeks.

There was nausea at many points of this cure. Every time I reduced a dose, there would be a few episodes of nausea and dizziness. Usually around and 2nd and 3rd day. Just take more DGL and papaya, plus Tums. Slow down. Some of the dizziness happened after trimming hedges or scrubbing the tub or other housework. All the vigorous arm movements and stretching my arms seemed to get my belly jumbled up. Then I would get quite dizzy and nauseous. This also happened when I tried to reduce the 1/4 dose to every other day (see NOTE under #4.).

Then someone told me about Mastic gum that you buy in capsule form I took this along with pro-biotic and it did help – somewhat. Someone else told me about DGL capsules and these were fantastic ! I chewed one before each meal – problem sorted? Well no not really because I have just read that long term use of this is bad for you. I give up!! Looks like it’s back to the Omeprezole!!

I had once, in the past, stopped Prilosec cold-turkey, and on the second day had the most unbelievable acid attack in the middle of the night. With acid welling into my mouth, through my nostrils. Uncontrollable coughing up lots of phlegm and acid into the toilet while sobbing and choking. Went on for over an hour until I scarfed down massive numbers of Tums and took the Prilosec. I think you have to experience this to know what I’m talking about.

I went on a low carb but also take niacin nonflush 500 mg once a day and niacin regular 250 mg once a day at night. This is known to control acid reflux. I had the same problem trying to ween off omeprazole, but after niacin, I took omep 3 days a week for 3 weeks and then just stopped and had no problem at all. I had taken omep for 2 to 3 years, don’t recall. But yeh, it is really hard to get off of if you go cold turkey.

NOTE: After 2 weeks, I had tried to go to every other day with the 1/4 pill, but I couldn’t do it. Too much acid and nausea. Also had another health issue during this period (Lyme diagnosis and antibiotics) so just went easy on myself.

I was on prilosec for 8 yrs and started getting hip fracture. My doc said keep taking them anyway but I just stopped in one day and had no side effects and my hip felt better. I told him and he was upset and said to get back on them. I noticed samples, posters, etc all over his walls as he is a slave to the pharmaceutical companies and so I told him NO. He wrote me a letter ling me to find another gastro doc as I wasn’t a good patient that didn’t follow his advice (orders!).

For the person who said, “Just eat a better diet”, guess what – I do! I don’t eat junk food, I rarely eat meat or fatty foods, and I don’t drink soda or wine. Nothing helps when it is really bad, except the cream crackers!

Thank you! I will add the Aloe Vera Juice. I was doing better for about a week and have suffered a setback. On the positive side the pain isn’t nearly as bad as it was in July, but the throat and chest irritation and the bubbling gas feeling have made a big hit on my morale. I will keep at!

Take Tums as needed whenever too much acid is being produced.

If I go back I will insist on a check of my Magnesium levels first, and then every 12 months.

As a chronic alcoholic, and a smoker for years, I went to the Drs. and needed something for my cough. He ordered prilosec and did not even bother to recommend how long I should take it for. Of course I quit drinking and smoking, so half the battle with GERD was over, however my cough continued. I found out later that using ppi’s is not safe in the long term and their are natural remedies for GERD.

I stayed on the 1/4 dose for 2 extra weeks because I needed to slow down at that point. Do what you need to do to ultimay get off. If that means extending a reduction period – do what works for you. I had planned for 6 weeks, it took 8. That’s not failure.

1) I bought chewable DGL supplements, papaya enzyme tablets, and Tums antacid. Plus a week long, daily pill dispenser container to keep me on track with the varying doses of Prilosec. 2 smaller pill containers to carry the DGL and enzymes in my purse while eating out. A pill splitter is also helpful.

You might not totally get rid of heartburn or acid reflux this way so I have one more suggestion. Do you remember the old saying “an apple a day will keep the doctor away” ? Well in the afternoon or evening or after a meal if you start to feel like you are getting heartburn try eating an apple. Doing this somehow stabilizes the acid in your stomach and the burn will go away. Thanks.

I am still on my very long journey to get off of Omeprazole. It is very hard despite taking DGL and other remedies. I do find that three plain cream crackers help when the acid is very bad.

Omeprazole side effects long term use