My Journey with Ambien (Interesting combinations and stories

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My Journey with Ambien (Interesting combinations and stories

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Overall I can't say I recommend this combination too much considering I don't remember a single fucking second of any one of them.

My Journey with Ambien (Interesting combinations and stories) ( self.ambien ).

I recently went through a bit of a serious depression and during that period I did not really give a fuck about my health or wellbeing as much as I cared about getting compley blasted on whatever the fuck I could get my hands on. With my daily ambien prescription, this meant that I could combine ambien with some different substances. I was surprised to see that not a lot of information exists on the internet about certain drug interactions, so I'd like to share some of them with you. I do not recommend combining Ambien with any other drugs because ambien is soooo unpredictable and can be dangerous if mixed with other downers. Use common sense and don't do what I have done. Notable Ambien Combinations:

Anyway. Since then, I've taken it many times. It is a powerful drug and I'm not sure why more people don't know about it. I also wish there was more information about it as a recreational drug. Thanks for posting this, this is one of the first things I have ever found like this! :D.

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That's all I can remember for now. Keep in mind fellow walrus explorers that the euphoria and the amazing trip will come to a crashing halt if you use it too frequently...I can't seem to trip anymore and increasing doses just causes an immediate black out. I am taking a break from Ambien for the time being and it sucks because I miss the Walrus and I don't know anyone else in my life or even the internet that understands that as well as some of you might. I hope some of you find this information useful and can maybe contribute some of your own combination experiences? Shits crazy. Be safe.

Ambien and Kratom : Hardly seen any information on this interaction. This one was a fucking doozy. I took 8 grams of Kratom with zero opiate tolerance and then took 20mg of ambien. I saw a bunch of leprechauns on my bed and they were trying to climb on me. One of the few times I have hallucinated non-real 3d objects with Ambien. It was NOT fun. Do not recommend.

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Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am also the only person I know who has truly gotten "high" off ambien. It is by far the craziest drug I have ever done, and I love it dearly.

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20mg of ambien +.250mg of Xanax: I am retarded and tried it a 3rd time, expecting maybe different results. Nope. Blackout.

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Hello fellow walrus seekers! I apologize in advance for the length of this post but hopefully some people will be interested enough to read it. I have been thinking about putting this together for some time now but never really had the opportunity till this point. I decided to post this to /r/ambien because I feel like you guys will understand this and could actually use some of this information better than if I posted it to /r/drugs or something. Some of you may remember me as a regular contributor to that subreddit but recently it has felt very unwelcoming to me so I think this subreddit would be better anyways!

Phenibut and Ambien : I have used phenibut a LOT and have combined it with ambien manyyy times. I used to think that they potentiate each other but now I am pretty certain that they don't. The only time I ever felt any potentiation was when I took 20mg of ambien with 5 grams of phenibut and I got FUCKED up and was surprised at their supposed synergy. Since that one event I have used them together probably 20 times and have not noticed any synergy. Sad.

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My friend was taking care of me and eventually I recognized her and she kept ling me that I was on drugs and that I was going to be okay. For a period of time I didn't know what drugs were so I was very confused. Sometimes I would remember what the drugs were, but would immediay forget. I saw spiders crawl across her face from one side to the other. And then, the hallucinations. Shadows turned into people that would talk to me. Every object on the walls and the counter looked like they were tipping over and crashing on top of me. Inanimate objects like towels or blankets would crawl towards me. My friends calmed me down during the experience as much as they could and it went away after about 3 hours. It is fucking terrifying. I have never felt so scared, alone, and confused. Most of the time I actually had NO idea who I was, who I was with, and where I was. I hallucinated people that were not there. I didn't know what drugs were. It's not that "weird" or "tripping" feeling you get from normal tripping, it feels real. Oh and I remember almost everything about this experience. Sometimes I wish I would have just stayed blacked out like normal on ambien. But the vivid memories are still there. Lesson learned.

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Alcohol and Ambien : Ambien makes the alcohol stronger, not the other way around. This is an important distinction. Do not recommend.

20mg of ambien +.500mg of Xanax: I thought maybe a lower dose of xanax would help. Nope. Blackout.

Ambien and MDMA : Remember that drug psychosis I was referring to earlier? I have used ambien to sleep after the comedown of MDMA but this experience that I will highlight was an experience that occurred when I combined 20mg of Ambien near the peak of my roll. I've submitted this story before so I will just copy and paste:

chop off all of your hair.

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20mg of Ambien +.750mg of xanax: Blackout.

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Ambien and Xanax : I recently got a prescription for Xanax and have been stupidly combining the two. I am aware that it's probably unsafe as fuck but I have been keeping the doses low just to see what would happen. I have come to these conclusions:

I am the only person I know in real life who has gotten high on ambien. It was the first drug I ever did.. accidentally. I was 15, and my mum gave me 10mg of ambien since I couldn't sleep. I stayed up for maybe about half an hour after taking it though, and the floor started moving in waves. I went out to my mum and was like "Woa. It feels like I'm dreaming, but I'm awake!" I felt like I was on a boat lying on my bed, and I was euphorically happy.

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DXM and Ambien : I took 10mg of ambien one time on the tail end of a 354mg DXM trip. Blacked out. I woke up feeling like a god though. Not sure if this was just because of the DXM or the ambien helped because I have never woke up feeling that amazing since.

My dosage experience with ambien ranges from 5mg-75mg. Ambien recreational doses vary quite significantly but I remember when I first started 10mg was enough to knock me on my ASS and 20mg was enough to put me into a drug psychosis (when combined with other drugs, I will get to that story in a bit). Within these doses, I have seen both the most amazing things I have ever seen and also the most horrifying. I have seen both heaven and hell with this drug and every single time I start to think it's not a big deal it burns me so fucking hard I immediay remember that I am playing with a serious substance.

Ambien + Marijuana : The bread and butter of my recreational ambien use. High doses of ambien and marijuana make the experience more.. dissociative in my experience. I have had some really interesting OOB experiences and more intense sensations of "falling" then even with medium doses of DXM.

Eh, who am I kidding. I'll try one more time. 40mg sublingual. Here's to the walrus my friends.

I've done it a couple times with 1mg and 2mg of melatonin and find that it increases the body high of ambien but I wake up feeling more groggy.

I took Kratom with ambien another 2 times after this event with lower doses just to see what would happen (I am retarded) and while I never saw the fucking leprechauns again it was certainly an uncomfortable combo.

Unfortunay because the ambien userbase is so small there is VERY little info on recreational use. A shame really, considering how fucking powerful it is. In my 100+ uses, I certainly had to learn some hard lessons.

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Ambien and Melatonin? Thoughts people?

My most favorite and notable experience with ambien of all time was actually with a dose of 30mg of ambien and about 3 bowls of marijuana. I was sitting on my computer chair and I literally had the physical sensations of riding a roller coaster. My body would feel like it was moving super fast and turning dramatically and my eyes would make the room shift accordingly. I was not moving the entire time. Truly a remarkable experience if you can ever recreate it. I have not been able to no matter how many times I have tried.

is it really that easy? only one way to find out.

I did not know who I was, where I was, and what was going on at first. I was originally rolling with two of my best friends, and it was getting late and they wanted to go to sleep. I was still rolling pretty hard so I decided to take 2 ambiens. I blacked out and my friend told me that I had started talking about the cops coming or something. After being blacked out for around 15 minutes, I woke up to being surrounded by what I thought was 7 people in a room I didn't recognize. They were talking about me. But it turns out that I never left my friends room and it was just us 3. The 7 people had never existed. I had no idea who I was. Where I was. Who was with me? I convinced myself for a second that I had really fucked up and had gotten sold into some kind of slavery.

TL;DR : Ambien is a beautiful drug that is crazily unpredictable on its own, even moreso combined with other substances.

A little introduction to my ambien history...I was first prescribed ambien in November of 2012 at the age of 19. I fell immediay in love with it and have since used it over 100+ times recreationally and sometimes just for sleep. Ambien quickly became my absolute favorite drug that I have tried, and despite this, most people do not seem to understand my love of the walrus. Most of my friends think I am weird or even kind of fucked up for enjoying ambien and I have met similar resistance on even subreddits such as /r/drugs. I feel that ambien is highly misunderstood by those who do not enjoy it.

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