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Taking Ambien During Pregnancy
Sleeping Medication During Pregnancy - Discussion - Living After

Hello Ladies, Does anyone know anything about taking a very low dose of Ambien during the first trimester? I am 5 and a 1/2 weeks have been having horrible anxiety and am finding it difficult to work two jobs, care for my daughter and function and enjoy my life in general because of the lack of sleep. I have a history of depression and and anxiety and it is usually triggered by insomnia. I was prescribed 5 milligrams and told to split is in half. The last two nights I have taken a half of a half so 2.5 milligrams. I am just so nervous and scared to take anything but am also concerned about my mental health. Any thoughts or insight would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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If your doctor is ok with it, I wouldn't worry. Your mental health is important, so you are definiy doing the right thing to seek help for feeling better. I know that unisom is considered safe because it's actually recommended for morning sickness. I also know women who stayed on anti-depressants right through pregnancy with no issues, I was keeping an open mind about it myself because I was on lexapro from PPD and came off when TTCA. If it didn't go well, I was willing to stay on it, anxiety and depression are no way to live. I hope you feel better, there have been a couple threads lay of women struggling during pregnancy, you might find them helpful to know you're not alone. Kerri.

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Here is an article about a study done in Taiwan. Seems as though there were no observed changes in the babies of the moms who took Ambien. /

Hi - first of all, congrats! I know that my doc gives out a sheet of "approved medications" and 1/2 a unisom tablet is on there for nausea. I know it's not the same as ambien and I know you're not taking it for nausea, but I thought I'd bring it up - you might try that instead, or ask if it's any safer, if you're really concerned. But like Kerri said, if the doc told you 5mg is ok, than I'd be ok with that. How has the 2.5mg been working?

My OB is fine with a low dose of ambien, especially if it's not too often.

I took low dose too. My doc wasn't crazy about it but figured the anxiety and insomnia were worse.

I have anxiety-related insomnia and I was told when we started trying that Ambien would be the best drug to use, so I think you're good! Unfortunay, I've taken Ambien before with a bad reaction, so it's not an option for me. SO, if I ever DO get pregnant I will have to do something different that's not quite so safe (but that my Dr. said would be ok in low doses). I definiy think your mental state is important and so is sleep! I definiy wouldn't stress about taking such a low dose of a safe drug recommended by your Dr. And also, congrats!

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I take Benadryl for sleeping. It keeps me asleep for about 5 hours straight so it doesn't work perfectly, but it's better than nothing.

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Kelly-- I saw your post on IUI/IVF and private messaged you.

I have anxiety related insomnia and it was at an all time high during my pregnancy. I took Benadryl with my OB's blessing many, many, many nights (like, most Sundays - Thursdays). Good luck! No sleep is the pits.

Taking Ambien During Pregnancy