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Zolpidem stilnox
Sanofi - Stilnox (zolpidem)

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Insomnia is a combination of unsatisfying sleep and its consequences during the day: irritability, short attention span and inability to concentrate. Nearly 150 million insomniacs have been identified on the seven leading markets. If left untreated, insomnia can become chronic and may multiply by as much as eight-fold the risk of developing a state of depression, depending on the degree of severity.

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Chemically different from benzodiazepines, Stilnox is distinguished by its selective binding to brain receptors mediating hypnotic activity. As a result, it rapidly induces sleep that is qualitatively close to natural sleep. Its effects last six to seven hours. It is well tolerated and allows the patient to awaken refreshed. In addition, the risk of dependency, the main drawback of hypnotics, is kept to a minimum when the recommended doses and treatment times are followed.

Already a longstanding market leader in Europe and the United States, Myslee also became no. 1 in Japan in November 2003. A new formulation, which offers even better sleep continuity, was filed for approval in the United States in June 2004, in France and Switzerland in November 2004, and will be filed shortly in other European countries and later in Australasia and Latin America.

Absenteeism, lower productivity levels, increased consumption of medication, a greater number of accidents, in particular car accidents which are two to three times more frequent for insomniacs, and twice as many hospital stays. The high cost of insomnia is such that it justifies early treatment. In the U.S., direct and indirect costs have been evaluated at over 100 billion USD a year.

The percentage of the insomniac population suffering from untreated sleep disorder is large: 73% in the United States, 65% in France, 64% in Japan, according to the 2003 Harris Medical International study.

Zolpidem stilnox