Could Zolpidem tartrate cause High blood pressure

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Zolpidem tartrate high
Could Zolpidem tartrate cause High blood pressure

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jimmy on Apr, 29, 2013:

my friend is suffering from rhumatory arthertis.and is currenty taking cocaine. oxy cotin,prestine, wellbutrim, predisone 10mg what side effects should she expect ????? Reply.

High depression low motivation on Feb, 8, 2013:

Sam on Mar, 11, 2013:

Could your condition cause it?

Zolpidem tartrate is used in : Insomnia Sleep disorder Natural short sleeper Primary insomnia Insomnia related to another mental condition.

dawn on Jun, 13, 2013:

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Kenny on Jun, 12, 2014:

Well, I just stopped at your post, and who ever is taking all of that stuff needs to take some Milk Thistle to help restore their liver. Reply.

bcs on Mar, 12, 2013:

I just wish the federal government would overhaul Richard Nixon's war on drugs and the whole controlled drug act. I have had my share of pain and you can consider yourself lucky to be able to cope with it. It is the sorry folk out there who have psychiatric disorders which affect the brain's ability to "deal" and cope, and is at a chemical level with them, a neurological mess-up. I know personally, I have phases of time when it is dangerous for me to try and tough it out when my brain sometimes slows down production and release of the natural chemicals like beta endorphin, dopamine, Gammaaminobuteric Acid, and I can find my body aches because Im not making enough natural opiate substances. SO I take drugs given by MD to make me feel normal, like clonazepam, prozac, and sometimes amphetamine in low doses. It is frustrating because people still don't understand and think I am a schmuck for taking drugs to feel normal happiness, calm, joy, relaxation, and to enjoy life's natural pleasures I periodically am unable to feel or appreciate. Reply.

I'm intrigued by your comment on cymbalta. I've been taking it for 2 years and since then I've had sugar disorders, irregular heart palpations and know I just feel like I'm on an adrenaline rush. It's scary. But I would like your opinion on this med I would really appreciate it and maybe then I can get some relief. I'm 33yrs old a mother of 3 boys and unfortunay my health is not the best so I'm trying to get as much info as I can from others that take the same meds I do or know of them. Thanks.. Alicia.. Reply.

Get your magnesium level checked and discuss hyperandrogenism with your physician. Signs &symptoms could be from many imbalances or conditions. I am not a primary care provider but have been a nurse for 27 years and have an MS degree so my advice and information are probably accurate but are not to be considered MEDICAL ADVICE. This information is only provided to assist you in discussing your medication and symptom, with a primary care provider (MD,DO, PA, FNP, NP. CNS...) and your pharmacist. Reply.

oh yes BCS i agree hybrid wheat is a very dangerous substance especially when compared to the rather inocuous substances of cocaine and oxycontin! just what are your qualifications to dispense such well researched and supported opinions? You are truly a fool Reply.

I totally understand where you are coming from. Your comment at the end there helped me understand that I am not "a druggy" as my husband calls me because I need medications to feel an enjoy simple life activities. You're lucky to have found the right combination of medicines to treat your depression. I feel like I've been on a roller coaster for the last 20 years. If I find the "right" combination to treat my severe depression/bipolar2 disorders, then I find myself with one or more intolerable side effects that I must live with, like extreme teeth pain/bruxism. I look at people all the time and say to myself "That person is "normal." "That person is enjoying life." "That person sleeps normally and doesn't need help." "That person is a good mom for doing activities with her child/children." I get sorta jealous, then I start believing what my husband says about me being a druggy and that I am not a good teacher/mom/wife. That I shouldn't need medicine to just have energy to get up and get dressed. But when I read your post it made me feel good, not that you were dealing with depression, but that someone else out there understands how it feels, that my husband is dead wrong and out of line, that my depression is a real disorder and not my fault. Thank you for your post. Reply.

doc moc on Mar, 25, 2013:

Can you answer these questions ( what is this? ):

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Big Balla on Jun, 1, 2013:

@ Alicia - those sound like symptoms of Hypoglycemia. Do you feel better at night and then sometimes have trouble getting to sleep ? If it is hypoglycemia - the only treatment I know of is diet related. Removing all sugar and processed carbs from the diet and avoiding caffeine and alcohol. There are many names for sugar - and don't be duped by agave - not much better than corn syrup, which is the same as having sugar! Eat regularly - smaller meals every 3 hours and eat soon after waking up. High protein breakfast is a good start too. I'm vegan so I rely on soybeans a lot for protein. Diet will be much easier for a meat eater as no carbs in meat, but avoid high carb vegies too - like potatoes. Not too much fruit, avoid all dried fruit. I have to avoid bananas and most other fruits too, but can tolerate small amounts of berries. Go stricter in the beginning and then you can experiment and see what affects you and what doesn't. Think of it as a carb intolerance, which is what some refer to it as. Reply.

ken on Aug, 17, 2012:

peanuts on Mar, 31, 2010:

nursing101 on Jan, 28, 2013:

On Sep, 18, 2014: 11,342 people reported to have side effects when taking Zolpidem tartrate. Among them, 331 people (2.92%) have High Blood Pressure.

mtntexas on Jun, 13, 2013:

iCaNtCaLlIt on Oct, 24, 2012:

Female 32 Hi, I would be worried about Serotonin but it usually has specific stages of symptoms. So starts with immediate symptoms like severe headache, dizziness etc.. then progresses- delirium, high fever etc.. If you were having sensitivity I would look into sensitization or fibro.I had it and went away with Savella... (after neurosurgery) Reply.

I too am a chronic pain sufferer, I drove over a explosive in the middle-east. I don't understand what or why this thread was written up like a true medical study, to me it looks more like a recreational train wreck, some listed drugs have reverse reactions and others simply have no medical need what so ever, personally I would seek professional help and attempt to get off the unneeded drugs and concentrate on the true medical issues. At your age 51, you run the risk of many complications and possibility death from the listed drugs, though who am I to judge, life is way too short enjoy it when your still alive. Th3 Reply.

Prison and/or death. Comparing taking coke by inhalation and oxycontin orally is NOT the same thing as speed ball. Kindergarten speed ball maybe. Addiction threshold of oxy is 60mg/day. She should try to stay below that. Get her the hell off Pristine/Ketoconazole unless it is absoluy positively necessary. If necessary, try to get a lower dose. Stuff fries the liver & with all the other crap--BAD idea. Is there a reason she isn't taking an NSAID? I see prednisone. Would help more than oxy. Reply.

Em on Jun, 23, 2014:

people like you should visit your local humane society and have yourself spayed or neutered because the human race does not need less inligent, human-jackass hybrid beings breeding with those of greater inlect. Cocaine was clearly written, not codeine. and please don't post your questions, prefer you be the guinea pig and take risks alerting the people who matter of potential risk factors. :) Reply.

Jackie on Apr, 30, 2013:

High Blood Pressure in Insomnia (1,142 reports) High Blood Pressure in Sleep Disorder (1,001 reports) High Blood Pressure in Insomnia Related To Another Mental Condition (12 reports).

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Death bed us what they should expect. Mixing cocaine and oxy, are they brainless!!!! Reply.

kobe77 on Jan, 3, 2013:

Do you have High Blood Pressure while taking Zolpidem Tartrate? Check the symptom : is high blood pressure caused by a drug or a condition? Write a review : share your experience with people need it most, securely Ask a question : ask patients like you a question Subscribe the study : get notified of updates Post a comment : or see what other people said about the study Join a related mobile support group.

Zolpidem tartrate ( latest outcomes from 11,912 users ) has active ingredients of zolpidem tartrate. It is often used in insomnia.

Jmsrocks on Jul, 25, 2012:

I know that I am super sensitive to both codeine and oxy. They actually make me more nauseous and dizzy and i find regular tylenol or ibuprophen to be more effective against pain. I have heard some good things about omega fish oil and gluten free diets. My sister has RA too and when she flares up even pain meds dont help much. She is also gluten intolerant and can feel a marked difference in symptoms when she "slips" and eats gluten-y things. Steroids make your blood pressure high, she takes them when she gets flare ups but tries to ween herself off as the flare up dissipates. She gets weird skin breakouts because steroids also mess with the natural flora of your body. RA sux!!!! Reply.

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Girl_narcolepsy on Jun, 15, 2013:

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Hebe on Jul, 31, 2012:

AdoreTu on Mar, 4, 2013:

Robert on Apr, 12, 2013:

Please coke for arthrit.? take your fish oils 2 each meal and take your perscribed pain meds(careful very addicting) stop the coke thats being silly for real. goodluck, lifes a bych and ya die thats why we get high.. p.s ankle 9 surgerys plates screws never walk normal again, fight thru it..i got hurt at work btw 7 ton crushed my leg instead of me....jus always think thingd can be worse, be a gpod person dont let this bring u dwn n b miserable..pul thru keep head up n watch those pain meds..goodluck... if u wana talk but dont come with negatibity. buhbye Reply.

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What shouldnt the expexation be...yes, cocaone is an antisthetic...only local, dentists "pink" mouth swab is cocaine based to numb the area and costrict blood vessels toz reduce swelling and bleeding....not for arthritis!..sounds like its a way to find a way out faster by destroying the heart muscle fro. The cocke's super stimulative effect and leave this world. There are other means to treat pain than death and mega doses of narcotics to mask the pain and increase the tolernance of the mds to the point that either there are no interior sinuses lrft by coke use or not enough pain meds to overcome the tolerance....ven IV cocaine use will burn the veins you shoot it in...its a loosing battle...and a painful one from damag thats beendone...Im praying for you guys... Reply.

Drugs in real world that are associated with:

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Cocaine and oxy? Really??? Okay, have your friend continue the cocaine and oxy regimen. Replace the Wellbutrin with 20 mg of MDMA. They're going to want to add a few drops of LSD as well. At bedtime take 5mg Xanax with a marijuana cigarette dipped in embalming fluid. Don't forget to sprinkle some of the cocaine on it. Reply.

I have had two close relatives on prednisone, and for both of them it alone can make them feel really speedy. Combined with cocaine and wellbutrin would probably make sleeping very difficult. As the previous commenter mentioned, combining oxys into this is probably a bit dangerous. Reply.

Well, NSAID, you say? Hmmm....I see motrin, naproxen and aspirin on the list....all NSAID's Reply.

Sydney on Jan, 9, 2013:

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

Could it be a symptom from a condition:

Big Balla on Jun, 1, 2013:

Russ on May, 7, 2013:

Yeah, hybrid wheat is causing all the problems. not the cocaine and oxy, mixed with other prescription drugs. I agree Hybrid wheat is harmful and best left out of ones diet, but it's not the biggest problem here. (it hybrid not gmo) they haven't released that yet. Reply.

shannon on Apr, 13, 2013:

FDA and Social Media, Personalized.

High blood pressure ( latest reports from 1,163,649 patients ) has been reported by people with osteoporosis, depression, multiple sclerosis, pain, rheumatoid arthritis.

really on Apr, 10, 2013:

From this study (1 month ago) :

have tou tried cocaine? pretty sure its gluten free our previous inquisitor seemed to have some luck with its administration in combination with an assortment of other medications to treat her condition also as far as the flora issue goes i dont think cocaine is an antagonist Reply.

l your friend to GET OFF WHEAT. The wheat products in this country are GMO which are very bad for us and cause arthritis. l your friend to research. Never let the Dr.s try and figure out what's wrong with you. They won't. And they'll kill you trying. Reply.

Formally of you bashing the cocaine for pain, do some research! Brompton's Cocktail is a chronic pain medicine in liquid form that contains cocaine, opiates, and some other meds. It is an evidenced based treatment for chronic pain, so please don't assume just because it has cocaine in it means it's gonna kill you. People suffering from chronic.pain need relief. if Brompton's works, then let them get their much needed relief!!! Without judgement!! Reply.

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Stephanie on Apr, 1, 2013:

Em on Jun, 23, 2014:

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Robert on Apr, 12, 2013:

What is Zolpidem Tartrate used for and how effective is it:

From this study (2 months ago) :

Lmao! Lmao! You sound like your high...... enjoy your trip! Reply.

If she continues with this type of treatment, its kinda scary in all reality. Why not see a doctor, that's where the healing may start. Reply.

We study 11,344 people who have side effects while taking Zolpidem tartrate from FDA and social media. Among them, 331 have High blood pressure. Find out below who they are, when they have High blood pressure and more.

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Jenn on Mar, 15, 2013:

Probably death. Cocain and opiates together = speed ball. Reply.

It is true that speedballs, containing opiates and any stimulant. The "speed" in speedball likely refers to amphetamine, which was, prior to 1970, the original or at least most widely used upper in the 1960's. When the Controlled Drug Act was made official, cocaine became hugely popular, as an easier and more available alternative. SO strangely enough it became easier to get a totally outlawed drug than legal controlled drugs, because the new DEA and their most overzealous zealots were too busy finally settling old scores and getting the "dopeheads" and "speedfreeks" with the new Nixonian legislation backing them up like the word of God Reply.

- "Numbness in both feet and and right hand up to elbow.... " (2 hours ago) - "Is there a possible interaction between Calendula, Ne... " (5 hours ago) - "i find there is no anti depressent that does anything. " (5 hours ago) Recent searches.

I take fish oils and centrum vitamins for depression replacing latuda and Lexapro wich was messing with my school I was out of phase sleeping all day and cloudy thinking. Now I just take Adderall and Xanax for agoraphobia and I feel a lot better and Im actually doing homework!! I scored high on my test than on the antidepressants with low scores. Reply.

Ignore all these people saying DEATH and SPEEDBALL. It depends on the dosage of the oxycontin, so long as it's taken properly, not chewed or above the prescribed dosage she'll be fine, a few lines of coke won't do much damage either. Unless she's railing it all day everyday Reply.

susan on Jan, 3, 2013:

knowledgable on Jan, 7, 2013:

Zolpidem tartrate alternatives : Insomnia (99 drugs) Sleep disorder (77 drugs) Natural short sleeper (36 drugs) Primary insomnia (27 drugs) Insomnia related to another mental condition (34 drugs).

The comments about death in combination with cocaine and opiates or any other drug is possible depending on how much and the situation. Frightening people is not the key here. Basically any drug in combination with another could cause a major health problem as we are all very much not the same makeup. Cheers, Reply.

Are you guys really this dumb? She meant to say her friend was taking Codeine not cocaine. I'm not even going to bother asking a question on this website if you're that dumb! LOL Reply.

So, Dawn: When you say 'we're all stupid" do you mean all of us on this page or all of us on this planet? Cause I know a girl in Florida that can yodel while playing the piano. Reply.

Susan, Finally, I'd been reading thru here and finnaly, what doctor in the U.S. still prescribes cocaine? LOL Reply.

how do you know what she meant??? She didn't correct herself, which probably means imo that she wrote it for shock value in the first place!! (in response to the person that said were all stupid!) Reply.

have vit d blood levles ck, and supplenment. vit d is an amazing pain control helper. Reply.

On eHealthMe, Zolpidem Tartrate (zolpidem tartrate) is often used for insomnia. Find out below the conditions Zolpidem Tartrate is used for, how effective it is, and any alternative drugs that you can use to treat those same conditions.

Patty O'Neill on Aug, 10, 2012:

I am wondering if you were diagnosed because you had pain and found out you had a neurological message going on.... or just a process of elimination over the pain after you were taking your anti psychotic medication? I've been taking oxycone for my pain my back and neck disc issues um for about a year now, was having joint pain and stiffness all over my body the Dr put me on cymbalta and now three weeks later he put me on wellbutrin and I'm wondering about seratonin syndrome... I'm having muscle twitching also lump on top of my head and vision problems. Reply.

doc moc on Mar, 30, 2013:

BCS on Mar, 12, 2013:

Way back in the late 1960's I heard it called a combination of cocaine and opiate type drugs a speedball. My best guess is your friend is on the way out of this world, unless there is an intervention. In short, death is the end result/side effect of taking such a combination of drugs.... Deo Vindece, Sam Reply.

Just kidding about all that stuff. Who's the doctor that prescribed all that? They probably shouldn't have a license. Reply.

IF you donT see my other comments, Never take Cymbalta or anything containing same ingrediants or speeding thru the same side effects durring their enjoyable living advertizements! Reply.

Hypoglycemic on Jun, 16, 2013:

It is a wonder that your wife is at all coherent taking that cocktail of medications. I would try to find a new doctor that has a better grasp of toxicology and drug interactions. Cocaine and Oxycotin--can't belief any reputable doctor would prescribe that combination. Reply.

Susan on Mar, 12, 2013:

44 million health professionals and patients have studied on eHealthMe. Recent studies: - Fluoxetine for a 46-year old woman who has Menstrual Disorder (26 minutes ago) - Lyrica for a 31-year old woman who has Fibromyalgia (36 minutes ago) - Compare Losartan and Candesartan Cilexetil for a 65-year old man (1 hour ago).

Alicia on May, 30, 2013:

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Honestly. She can expect to die very young. Everything from heart, kidney, liver, stomach, brain, lungs, immune system, etc. will began to shut down. She will most likely become increasingly weak, finding herself in the hospital more often, and eventually die of organ failure. that is unless she dies from an overdoes first. Reply.

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nefariouson3 on Nov, 7, 2012:

She can expect a very rapid death. Reply.

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Yeah I'm pretty sure she ment codeine. i dont visit these sites often anymore becasue my questions never get answered and everything gets way off topic. Reply.

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Had'em all on Nov, 14, 2012:

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

Nocturnal elevation of blood pressure. Daytime pressure is drug controlled Reply.

bumjumble on Jul, 14, 2014:

Billy on Feb, 2, 2013:

NOTE: The study is based on active ingredients and brand name. Other drugs that have the same active ingredients (e.g. generic drugs) are NOT considered. WARNING: Please DO NOT STOP MEDICATIONS without first consulting a physician since doing so could be hazardous to your health.

Death. Cocaine is deadly enough but mixing it with other drugs that can be abused (ie: oxycontin) or potentially leading to suicide (antidepressants). Sounds like a new doctor is necessary and treatment for drug abuse/addiction. By the way, the disease is RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. I am not a primary care provider but have been a nurse for 27 years and have an MS degree so my advice and information are probably accurate but are not to be considered MEDICAL ADVICE. This information is only provided to assist you in discussing your medication and symptom, with a primary care provider (MD,DO, PA, FNP, NP. CNS...) and your pharmacist. Reply.

Michele on Apr, 12, 2013:

jimmy on Apr, 29, 2013:

Zolpidem tartrate high